Submission guidelines

Areas of interest

The papers should discuss recent advances in theoretical, methodological and managerial issues on any of the following themes:

  • Resistance and brand dislike
  • Resistance toward ads and commercial discourse
  • CRM and Resistance
  • Resistance toward distribution channels
  • Cultural Resistance in consumption
  • Objects, mechanisms and products of resistance
  • Collective and communal forms of resistance
  • Methodological issues in the study of consumer resistance
  • Psychological, sociological and cultural dimensions of resistance

Authors should first submit a two-page single-spaced abstract before June 2, 2008 to :

The proposals to be included in the conference will be selected before June 16 by the scientific committee. Full papers should then be sent by September 15. All submitted manuscripts must be original papers of scientific quality in regard to theoretical and methodological criteria. They will not exceed 30 double-spaced pages (including title page and abstract, tables, figures and references) in 12-point Times Roman font and should conform to JCR style sheet. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by two members of the scientific committee before October 6, and, if necessary, authors will be asked to modify or extend their papers in accordance with comments and suggestions before November 3.

All papers accepted for presentation in the conference will be included in the conference proceedings.

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